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Change the Way You Travel.

Travel more, for less, with GDVPlus the newest vacation membership offering you the freedom to travel differently than ever before.

With more than 200,000 members making travel a continual part of life, GDVPlus defeats the high cost and frustration of retail booking with decades of travel industry experience in one little travel membership package.

GDVPlus member Chad
GDVPlus member Chad L.

Get even More with GDVPlus.

Condos and Hotel destinations icon

Condos & Hotel Destinations

Tens of Thousands of Condos - Hundreds of worldwide condos and hotel destinations.

24/7 Inventory icon

24/7 Inventory

Last minute inventory 24/7 - Sneak away on extraordinary deals.

Travel Agent icon

Travel Agency

Full Service Travel Agency to plan down to the last detail.

Referral Benefits icon

Referral Benefits

Fantastic Referral Benefits - Unlimited ability to earn money and membership credit.

Cruise icon

Amazing Cruises

Amazing Cruises - See the world on the water and in luxury.

Upgrade Options icon

Upgrade Options

Upgrade Options - Need more from your membership? You’ll be able to get it!

GDVPlus member Ha
GDVPlus member Ha T.
GDVPlus member Grace
GDVPlus member Grace W.

Why join a Membership?

A travel club with a twist, GDVPlus gives you and your family access to everything you need to save time and money… and start traveling every year.

Members use stars to book condominiums, cruises, guided tours and even hotel weekly stays around the world, as well as having a huge variety of other travel benefits like last minute specials on inventory, 24/7 flight, car and hotel bookings, access to our award-winning travel agency and exclusive partner deals to save on park tickets, airport parking and more. Take your vacations to another level with GDVPlus.

Worldwide Destinations.

The world is yours, and it’s time to start living in it! Let GDVPlus show you the way to travel the world.

Our vacation specialists can place you in spacious accommodations, on exciting cruises, tour packages, European villas and so much more. Every year of your membership, you’ll have the chance to create treasured, lifelong memories in destinations around the globe.

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GDVPlus members lifelong memories in destinations around the globe

Member Lifelong Experiences.

Set into motion vacation traditions with your GDVPlus membership.

Every year you will create treasured, lifelong memories. Stories you'll tell and retell over the dinner table, at the water cooler, anywhere… just like these.

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